KEn Kerr

Ken has been a member of the church since 1986. He previously attended St Thomas Aquinas Dearborn,MI, Walloon Community Church and Petoskey Church of Christ. Ken has served on praise and worship teams vocally at the Reformed Church and PCOC, as treasurer and leader/deacon at PCOC and recently became an elder at PCOC.

Ken is in his 6th decade of life and has been married to his wife Nance for 35 years. Ken was born in Detroit and grew up in Redford Township.

Professionally, Ken worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in Detroit, a tier-one auto companies, Mariners Inn Homeless Shelter, St. Mary’s Cement and Stafford’s Perry Hotel (current). Ken has a BS in Business Administration/Accounting from U of M Dearborn.

Ken has developed many friendships through his work and attendance at Celebrate Recovery at the Walloon Community Church (over 4 years as a men’s table leader).

Currently he intentionally attends our Wednesday bible study at PCOC and continuing to develop relationships with members of our recovery community and has led some sessions.

Ken’s deep love for the Lord is immediately apparent when you meet Ken and has a special gift for connecting with people, generously giving of his time and counsel.

craig reyner

Craig is a husband, step father, engineer, and servant of God and the church. Craig was raised in the Protestant Church (Lutheran), but believes that we all need to figure out how the Bible directs our lives. Petoskey Church of Christ does well with challenging us to explore the Bible and directing us spiritually along our path. As an engineer, Craig has a manner of organizing and working the operations side of the church, but is also trying hard to develop his shepherding skills. His passion for the Lord directs his dedication to serving the church wherever he can.